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10 reasons Why Virtual Team Building Is The Way To Go

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Virtual Team Building, the recent pandemic had impacted all of us in many ways, we have transitioned from working physically in the office surrounded by our colleagues, working, laughing and interacting with one another to working from home, isolated, and stuck with looking at the screen the whole day long.

With so much transition within a short period, it is without a doubt that we find ourselves feeling every form of emotion, often, working long hours from home with limited social interaction can cause negative effects on one's mental health and all of these in return could affect the work quality and productivity produced for the organization.

Therefore, to solve this issue, organizations should care for their employees' well being and allowing them to stay connected. This is Why Virtual Team Building Is The Way To Go! Here at The Fun Empire, we offer numerous virtual team bonding games, virtual creative workshops, all done via zoom! Read below we provide you with 10 reasons why you should conduct a Team Building Session for your organization today!

Benefits Of Virtual Team Building

1. Improves Team Chemistry

All team building sessions have the similar objective of fostering a better sense of teamwork and improving relationships amongst employees. When a team exhibits good morale, employers communicate with enthusiasm and joy with one another, in return, this creates a positive approach towards team effort and motivation. During times like these boosting morale and having a well-connected team is extremely crucial.

"Tough Times Don't Last, Tough Teams Do"

2. Increase Productivity

From personal experience, working from home can be extremely challenging, with many things distracting you while you work, finding motivation and drive to keep going are some of the key challenges that many faced. A virtual team building session can bond teams together and encourage employees to interact socially through video call sessions.

This will improve moods and morale, a happy team is a productive team!

3. Promotes Collaboration

Collaboration and communication become extremely vital when employees are physically separated. With Virtual Team Building activities, employees HAVE to communicate and collaborate to carry out the session. Our virtual team building activities are designed to promote those 2 points!

When collaboration and communication within a team are strong, the team can effectively work together, problem solve and manage conflicts.

4. Combat Loneliness

Staying at home and working 5 times a week can be mentally exhausting. The emotion of loneliness is bound to creep in. With loneliness, other negative emotions will slowly kick in and mentally drain an individual. Unfortunately, those who live alone may go through a long time without interacting and socializing. Thus, it is important that organisations hold virtual team building activity to help bring people into the group and give them the chance to chat with other human being.

5. Increase Motivation

During difficult times like these, motivation levels are down and employees can find themselves in a tough situation trying to balance out work and mental health. These interruptions make it difficult for teams to motivate themselves to get up and do work in the same way as before. A fun virtual team building activity gives teams an hour to forget about the outside world and motivates the team to keep calm and carry on working.

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6. Promotes Creativity

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Creativity and inspirations are often hard to come by when one is restricted, drained and feeling low. For many, creative ideas are shared, discussed and further improved on when we are working physically in the office, with just a turn of your office chair, you can discuss ideas and opinions with your colleagues.

However, at current times like this, creativity can dramatically fall when you are stuck at home without the rest of your team. If you are used to bouncing ideas off of each other to come up with new and exciting ideas you could find yourself frustrated at the idea of a long period without your colleagues. A remote team building event gives you the time to get inspired and come together as one team.

Adapted From Top 10 Benefits Of Virtual Team Building

7. Encourages Positive Reinforcement

Rewarding and providing positive reinforcement are often well-liked by employees, back when monthly office parties/ dinner nights are organised, many of the employees are sure to be enjoying themselves, as they say, work hard, play hard!

With the current social gathering restrictions, organising a celebratory session can be very challenging, however, with Virtual team building, you can now reinforce positive behaviour when working from home! Our virtual team building games and workshops are guaranteed to be enjoyable and fun, giving the same feeling of excitement and joy to your team when they try it out for themselves!

8. Low Cost

During these unprecedented times, we all know that budgets are tight especially for activities that may not be classed as an essential function. However virtual team building events boast a much lower cost than the usual team building events on offer. They have the natural benefit of zero venue costs due to the fact that they take place inside your very own home! With this in mind the benefits of running a virtual team building event far out weighs the minimal cost to organise. Here at The Fun Empire, our virtual team building activities start from just $15SGD/Pax.

Adapted From Top 10 Benefits Of Virtual Team Building

Our award-winning team bonding activities have been well-loved by our diverse clientele, generating over 1,000 5-Star Reviews. We have also successfully organized over 10,000 events for more than 1,000,000 happy participants! Definitely the best deal out in the entire of Singapore!

9. Encourages Work-Life-Balance

We get it, work-life balance is often limited/ non-existence here in Singapore. Singaporeans are one of the hardest workers in the world, clocking in 44.8 hours a week on average in 2020.

However, long hours does not always equate to high productivity. It’s time to take a break, so this is where a virtual team building workshop can help. To allow your team some time to unwind together, enhance wellbeing, and switch off those slack notifications. Remember that work-life balance is essential for your mental health!

10. Gel Team Together

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This will be my final point, after providing all of the points above, I would like to personally share something of my own, during tough times like these, working from home is inevitable, the feeling of isolation/ nagging from your family member might decrease an employee's overall mood and result in a negative effect on his/her communication with the team as well as the work output.

During times like these, making a well-bonded team has never been more important. Spending times with colleagues through remote/ virtual team building allows individuals to catch up with colleagues and enjoy time together.

Benefits Of Virtual Team Building

We hope this article provided was informational for you. Furthermore, we are The Fun Empire creates and provides the world's coolest and most unique team building games. We have created and developed in-house over 30+ unique and exciting team building activities that you and your team will love!

Our award-winning team bonding activities have been well-loved by our diverse clientele, generating over 1,000 5-Star Reviews. We have also successfully organized over 10,000 events for more than 1,000,000 happy participants!

We are the only team building company in Singapore and Southeast Asia that attained the ISO 9001:2015 Certification in Service Quality, the world's gold standard in Quality Management. Our strong track record has led us to achieve awards such as Forbes 30 Under 30 Honouree, APAC Insider's Best Team Building & Events Company, Brands For Good Champion, Spirit of Enterprise Award and more.

We hope that you stay safe and stay connected, till next time!

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