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5 Awesome Platforms For Virtual Meetings In Australia

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Virtual Meetings

Virtual Meetings
Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings have been on the upswing for some time. Virtual meeting platforms may be utilized for a wide range of goals, including Virtual Team Building Australia exercises. We can organize a virtual escape room event for you and your staff using such technologies..

We'll look at the greatest virtual meeting platforms for Virtual Team Building Australia in this blog post!

1. Zoom

Zoom is a popular video conferencing solution that is often praised for its ease of use. Simply providing the URL may allow anybody to join a meeting with Zoom, even if you don't have an account. When teammates click on the link, they will be instantly added to a virtual room with the rest of the team.

Zoom's free edition lets anyone without a login to conduct up to 100 person meetings. Zoom's engaging tools, such as breakout rooms, make it ideal for virtual team gatherings, games, and other activities.

2. Google Meets

Google Meets is a Google G Suite program that allows you to have virtual meetings. You may utilize Google Meets to video chat, exchange screens, and draw on a whiteboard using it. Video collaboration through Google's Google Meets is the company's alternative for online collaboration. Google Meets is a video conferencing program with a maximum capacity of 250 people. It includes a full set of tools, as well as helpful features such as real subtitles and anti-fraud mechanisms, allowing for up to 250 individuals in video conferences. If data security is crucial for your business, Google Meets could be the answer.

3. Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is a popular online meeting tool that lets you share screens, hold discussions with virtual teams, and play games with others via the internet. Cisco provides a "Sit back" option, which simply displays the video of one participant at a time in contrast to Zoom's breakout rooms feature mentioned above.

With a Webex account, you may host virtual meetings or games with up to 100 other people for free. This system differs from Zoom, which has a time limit of 40 minutes when three or more individuals are in the meeting. You won't have to worry about time restrictions when planning your next online meeting because of this.

4. Skype

A virtual meeting is a teleconference that allows a large number of people to discuss the same topic. The program may be used for both spoken and virtual meetings, as well as voice calls. There's no need to register or download anything; everything can be done online. Virtual meetings utilizing Skype are also completely free!

5. Jitsi Meet

Consider using Jitsi Meet for your next virtual meeting. This virtual meeting software is safe and will not charge you anything, ask you to register, or limit the number of people you may invite to meetings. Jitsi Meet enables you and your coworkers to schedule an infinite number of meetings in a variety of fashions, with so much variation that you may practically accomplish anything.

Virtual Meetings

When it comes to picking a virtual meeting platform for your Virtual Team Building Australia, you have a large range of alternatives and features to pick from. Virtual meeting software is an essential instrument for communicating and cooperating with remote employees as well as organizing Virtual Team Building Australia.

There are many activities to do with virtual team building teams that you may like. Check out our list of intriguing virtual team building games and escape room experiences to see if anything piques your interest! We'd be delighted to offer you the greatest Virtual Team Building Australia experience possible!

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