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6 Activities For A Virtual Happy Hour

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Virtual Happy Hour

Virtual Happy Hour

Virtual happy hours are social events held over video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Webex and Google Meet. As its name suggests, these events are expected to make people happy and are organised for attendees to build relationships with one another. Activities for a virtual happy hour include anything from virtual team building games to workshops with the purpose to build confidence and comfort between team members. Hence, organising virtual happy hours is especially important when everyone is spread out and working from home. Here, we will be showing you the 6 best activities you consider when looking for virtual happy hour ideas for your next virtual happy hour.

1) Virtual Escape Room

Escape Room - Virtual Happy Hour

Such team building online games might be just the thing to bring your employees together. The Virtual Escape Room is a virtual happy hour game that allows participants to be fully engaged in a totally immersive virtual environment complete with interactive puzzles and exciting storylines.

Specially designed by Virtual Team Building Singapore’s in-house game experts, the Virtual Escape Room is perfect for engaging and energising remote teams, making it one of the best virtual happy hour games. Participants get to build strong bonds in online team games as they work together towards a prize. The Virtual Escape Rooms are not easy so you don't have to worry about participants trying to solve it on their own. Are you excited for your virtual happy hour just from reading this?

2) Virtual Gold Heist

Virtual Gold Heist - Virtual Happy Hour

A relatively new virtual experience, The Fun Empire is proud to present Singapore’s first and only Virtual Gold Heist! Want to experience the thrill envisioned in La Case de Papel? Here is your chance through similar virtual team games! With just a blueprint scribbled with some notes, break into the location. You and your team will need to crack vaults, fill up the loot bags, and escape - all before the police catch you! The vaults will become harder to crack as you progress - are you ready for the challenge?

3) Virtual Time Travel

Virtual Time Travel - Virtual Happy Hour

Always wanted to travel through time like Doctor Strange? Participate in an exciting storyline that brings you through different eras and time zones. Don't miss out on such online games for teams! Solve challenging puzzles as a team, in an innovative and immersive virtual environment. Start by finding out which year you need to travel to, and gather the elements to power up your time machine. Be prepared to be blown away in this zoom team building as each stage gets progressively difficult!

4) Virtual Travel Experience

Icons of Singapore-Virtual Happy Hour

Running out of virtual team building ideas? Embark on an exploration adventure that combines the 360° live clues, Treasure Hunt, Virtual Amazing Race and Virtual Escape Room Experiences to take you through the different eras of Singapore's history. Participants will work together in online teams to solve fun and interactive puzzles while learning more about the country in an innovative and immersive virtual environment. Complete all the challenges to know more about Singapore!

5) Virtual Food Quest

Virtual Food Quest - Virtual Happy Hour

Isn't food the best happy hour theme ever? Get ready for an epic food adventure featuring Singapore’s diverse food scene! The Fun Empire has developed the Virtual Food Quest experience centred around different cuisines for participants to learn and explore about food through a series of interactive and engaging mini-games!

Become the top master foodie through fun & entertaining online challenges that require teamwork, creativity and communication - all while racing against the clock! Our fun & engaging Virtual Food Quest experience is guaranteed to provide fun and laughter for all! Ready to cook up a lot of fun with your friends or colleagues? Available for unlimited players, anywhere. Highly entertaining and engaging, The Fun Empire’s Virtual Food Quest experience is perfect for friends, family and colleagues.

6) Virtual Amazing Race

Virtual Amazing Race - Virtual Happy Hour

Always wanted to race around the globe? Look no further! Compete against your friends and colleagues as you travel all around the world in such digital team building activities. Dive into the storyline and look for important characters and artefacts in order to stop a curse. Truly an interesting virtual happy hour activity!

Our virtual team building activities are facilitated by certified trainers to provide an amazing experience for you and your team. Check out our virtual happy hours designed with remote teams in mind. Have fun while working from home!

Virtual Happy Hour

The above activities show that a happy hour can be held virtually as well! Virtual happy hours are a way to have fun and build relationships between attendees. Activities for virtual happy hour can range from virtual team building games/activities that engage participants in immersive environments with interactive puzzles, or activities like gold heist where you work together towards a prize but not before cracking vaults, filling up loot bags and escaping all while avoiding the police! The key to having the best virtual happy hour ever is finding an activity that matches your company culture and goals - so what's yours?

Virtual Team Building Singapore is the leading Virtual Team Building provider in Singapore. We offer numerous fun and exciting virtual team building activities for your corporate team building, casual gathering or cohesion from the comfort of your own home!
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