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Top 7 Escape Room Online In Australia To Try In 2022

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Room Escape Online Australia

Room Escape Online Australia
Room Escape Online Australia

Do you want to do something exciting with your coworkers? What if we told you about a more fun and inexpensive way to spend time with your coworkers than team activities? One game you should try out with your friends is Virtual Escape Room Australia!

If you want to create a challenging workplace for your employees, try out some of these Virtual Escape Room Australia. They're perfect for any team setup. We'll provide you with information on each one so that you can choose the best option for your group.

1. Virtual Food Quest - Ninja Chef

The Fun Empire is excited to introduce Virtual Food Quest, an online game that teaches kids about the many types of food available in America through a succession of mini-game activities. In Virtual Food Quest, use our team-building activities to become the ultimate cooking game master with your spouse. To complete this enjoyable culinary adventure, you must collaborate to solve a variety of interactive puzzles. This is an excellent two-player escape room for you and your spouse to enjoy together.

2. Virtual Escape Room

In our Virtual Escape Room, you'll be able to play a room that only exists in your imagination. Our Original Online Escape Room puts you inside a virtual world where your intellect and creativity must be used. We have a one-of-a-kind virtual escape room that challenges players to use their knowledge and abilities in order to solve problems.

3. Virtual Time Travel

Prepare to be caught up in the world's first and only Virtual Escape Room! With each solved riddle, your ranks in this thrilling and immersive virtual reality environment will rise. Travel through an intriguing story that connects different eras and time zones, as it can't get any better than this! Virtual Time Travel is a fantastic virtual escape room for you and your team to share. You're likely to have a great time.

4. Virtual Amazing Race

The Fun Empire is ecstatic to be able to provide the first and only Virtual Amazing Race Experience! The Fun Empire has developed an exciting Online Amazing Race game in which you are completely immersed within a digital world.

Teams of explorers will go on an exciting journey across the globe in 360-degree live clues, while being immersed in an enthralling tale that tickles their senses. The Virtual Amazing Race is a fantastic escape room online for you and your colleagues to enjoy.

5. Time's Ticking

The Time's Ticking theme has been adopted by the Fun Empire for this escape room, which is ideal for couples and teams searching for a hard but entertaining experience.

In this escape room, you must prevent a gang of terrorists from detonating an explosive device before time runs out. Play our virtual team-building game with your partner to crack several codes! This online escape room was created by in-house gaming specialists to strengthen the connection between you and your partner!

6. Virtual Travel Experience - Icons of Singapore

The Fun Empire is Singapore's first Virtual Travel Experience provider. Participants must solve puzzles virtually in order to complete missions that transport them from epochs throughout Singapore's history. Participate in a journey of discovery that includes 360° live clues, a Treasure Hunt, a Virtual Amazing Race, and a Virtual Escape Room to learn more about Singapore while having fun.

7. Ben's Big Heist

Ben's Big Heist is an online escape game in which the plot is a botched heist. Join your companion on this assignment to get inside the bank vault before security arrives and make sure to bring all of their valuables! The longer you wait, the more challenging it will be to break into the safe - so consider things carefully.

Room Escape Online Australia

We've come to the conclusion of this essay, and we hope you found it useful. We've gone through some possible Virtual Escape Room Australia themes for your company! Please get in touch with us if any of these sound appealing! We'd want to provide you with the finest Virtual Escape Room Australia experience feasible!

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