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Team Building For Companies

The quality of a business's work environment significantly affects the satisfaction and effectiveness of its employees. Today's workforce is no longer merely contained to one physical location or confined to an 8 hour day; rather they are globally distributed and connected 24 hours a day. This new style of work requires businesses to rethink their approach in order to remain competitive with other organisations who have taken advantage of these changes. There are many different options that can be used in order to create a collaborative workplace with remote employees such as video conferencing, team-building exercises and virtual office space.

Here we have gathered a few benefits of team building for companies as well as some virtual team building activities that you can consider for your next corporate event.

Benefits of Team Building For Corporate

Many team building activities have been designed specifically for virtual teams. Continue reading to check out a few benefits of team building exercises and virtual team spaces.

1) Stay connected from the comfort of home

team building for companies - stay connected from the comfort of home
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For team building with remote employees video conferencing is an ideal way to stay connected as a team while having the ability to be in different locations. Video chatting allows people who are not co-located to participate in team meetings or brainstorming sessions from their own location. It can also be used to provide team members updates on the progress of projects or share expertise.

2) Learn about your colleagues and build collaboration

team building for companies - learn about others and build collaboration
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Virtual team building activities are perfect for team building because they allow team members to work together without the need of being in one location. It is also a great way to get team members who do not often communicate on video conferencing into an online environment where they can interact with each other more and share ideas or knowledge. This allows employees who are not often in the same team to learn about each team's progress and brainstorm together.

3) Increase productivity

team building for companies - increase productivity
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By implementing virtual team building activities, companies are able to increase productivity among employees while still benefiting from a collaborative work environment with remote team members. They can also use video conferencing or other online tools as an alternate way of communicating with those who may be team members but do not work in the same team.

Virtual Team Building Activities

The listed virtual team building activities are popular and fun! They are specially designed and tested out by The Fun Empire's team of experts. We are one of the best team building event planner in the market and have hosted various events for over 1 million clients.

4) Virtual Amazing Race

team building for companies - virtual amazing race
The Fun Empire

Virtual team building activities are an effective way to keep team members engaged and improve communication between team members. With the rise of virtual reality games like the amazing race, team members can work together virtually without worrying about travel expenses and logistical difficulties. You will now be able to travel around the world from the comfort of your home! Team competitions that require creative thinking and cultural awareness will be a great way for your team to communicate with one another while they compete against other teams.

5) Virtual Escape Room

team building for companies - virtual escape room
The Fun Empire

The key to team building is to encourage team members to work together, dialogue and communicate their opinions. In this team building exercise, team members are trapped in a virtual escape room with a limited amount of time to solve puzzles, find clues and problem-solve. The team that solves the puzzle first wins!

6) Virtual Time Travel

team building for companies - virtual time travel
The Fun Empire

The Fun Empire is proud to present the world's first and only virtual escape room experience! Our in-house game experts have developed a fun, immersive storyline that transcends time. In this virtual team building activity, participants will have to solve challenging puzzles as a team, utilizing cutting-edge technology. Prepare yourself for an amazing adventure unlike anything you've ever experienced before!

With the power to energize remote teams, boost morale and build strong team bonding, our Virtual Time Travel escape room experience is perfect for groups of friends or family as well as colleagues.

7) Virtual Food Quest

team building for companies - virtual food quest
The Fun Empire

Become the top master foodie in through entertaining online challenges that require team work, creativity and communication - all while racing against the clock! Our virtual experience is guaranteed to provide fun for all! Participants will be able to learn and explore various cuisines through a series of interactive and engaging mini games. Ready to cook up a lot of fun? Our Virtual Food Quest is an ideal online team game for you and your friends or colleagues!

8) Virtual Travel Experience

team building for companies - virtual travel experience
The Fun Empire

Embark on an exploration adventure with others in a global virtual platform. The challenges are like quests where you have to complete goals before moving onto the next era's quest, solving the interactive puzzles that come up along the way. There are a variety of innovation aspects including 360° live clues and virtual escape room and virtual amazing race experiences.

This virtual team building game helps to build team cohesion, competition and communication when traditional methods aren't possible.

9) Hybrid Amazing Race

team building for companies - hybrid amazing race
The Fun Empire

We have developed the world’s first hybrid Amazing Race experience combining offline challenges and online elements. This exciting race will take teams around town in search of exciting hotspots, learning more about both our city, its landmarks and customs while bonding physically. If you’ve got a big team that wants adventure mixed with some team bonding, this team building activity is for you!

Team Building For Companies

What team-building activity would be best suited to your team? With virtual team building activities, you'll have the opportunity to engage with team members without having to worry about travel expenses and logistical difficulties. The Fun Empire is one of the world's leading experts in team building events corporate as well as a variety of other services. If you're interested in learning how we can help improve your company by increasing employee morale or boosting productivity, contact us today!

Since you've reached the end, do check out these amazing activities we have for you!

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