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7 Best Team Building Activities Singapore

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Team Building Activities Singapore

Team Building Activities Singapore

There are many team building activities in Singapore that can be used to motivate your people to work together. Team bonding is a great way for colleagues, friends or family members to bond and develop their strengths. Team building games allow you to have fun while developing skills such as better teamwork and camaraderie. Team competitions with friendly rivalry also help address any weaknesses, create more of an atmosphere of trust between teammates and promote a sense of unity within the company.

If you're looking for such team building games/activities, this article is just for you! We have compiled a list of the Best Team Building Activities Singapore which might interest you. For more related articles:

1) Hybrid Amazing Race

Hybrid Amazing Race - Team Building Activities Singapore

The Hybrid Amazing Race is the newest experience offered at The Fun Empire! It is one of the first hybrid team building games/activities that you can enjoy. Participants will get to explore Singapore's heritage through the combination of physical challenges and online puzzles. As you work through the game, don't forget to admire the landmarks and the scenery at Chinatown. Try one of the Best Team Building Activities Singapore today!

2) Virtual Escape Room

Virtual Escape Room - Team Building Activities Singapore

A great example of virtual team building games would be Escape Rooms! Whether it is the physical one or the online team building game, teams will have fun working together to solve the challenging puzzles and complete exciting storylines. Participants will rely on their communication skills as they collaborate to decipher clues, crack codes, and solve complex problems in order to escape. If you are looking for fun team building online games that can be conducted for remote teams, the Virtual Escape Room would be perfect!

3) Virtual Time Travel

Virtual Time Travel - Team Building Activities Singapore

Ever wondered if time travel is possible? It is possible with The Fun Empire's Virtual Time Travel experience! Transcend time with your team and solve puzzles in different time zones in this type of virtual team games. To do so, search for the year you need to travel to and gather the elements needed to fuel the time machine. Race against the clock to complete your mission! These highly entertaining and challenging online team games will test your team's problem-solving skills and develop friendship among the participants.

4) Virtual Art Jamming

Art Jamming - Team Building Activities Singapore

The following two activities are virtual team building activities for people who don't like thinking games. Art Jamming is a relaxing, soothing and fulfilling painting session. Bring out your creative side and discover your colleague's hidden side from work with this drawing class. No prior knowledge is needed as our professional facilitators will go through basic colour mixing theory and provide guidance throughout your virtual session.

5) Virtual Terrarium Workshop

Terrarium Workshop - Team Building Activities Singapore

Can't get enough of the virtual team building ideas? Book a private session of Terrarium Workshop and have them build a single terrarium together. Through the session, your employees will have to learn how to compromise on what they want for the good of the team. Even if this is a virtual workshop, participants can be tasked to build terrariums for one another instead of for themselves for extra mingling. All materials are included and delivered to our participants' doorsteps. Give one of the most convenient Team Building Activities Singapore a try!

6) Laser Tag

Laser Tag - Team Building Activities Singapore

Laser Tag is a fun and exciting team building activity that never gets old! Engage in different missions with your friends and colleagues such as Capture the Flag, Mission Impossible and Domination. This activity will help break the ice among the team as participants engage in friendly competition with each other for victory. Members will learn about communicating, strategising and protecting weaker players, emerging as a true team at the end of the game. Laser Tag can be played in both indoor and outdoor venues depending on preference and weather.

7) Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer - Team Building Activities Singapore

One of the most popular team-building activities in Singapore is Bubble Soccer. This hilarious, competitive game has players don a bright inflated suit and become “bubbles” that can be bumped around without injury! In a stressful environment like Singapore, this team building game is designed to create moments free of stress for the participants while they simultaneously benefit from bonding with teammates. Each of these game missions requires team members to strategize and collaborate with one another and as such develop a bond while they play. Keep these fun Team Building Activities Singapore on your must-try list!

Team Building Activities Singapore

Team bonding is an important aspect of a company culture that needs to be fostered. The 7 Best Team Building Activities in Singapore are all designed with different purposes in mind, but they should give you some ideas for your next event or meeting. For more details about the activities, do look at the tabs linked below!

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