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8 Best Virtual Team Building Games for Kids

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Kids Things to Do

kids things to do

Parents, are you stuck when planning activities for your kids? After all, there's only so many times that you can bring them to places such as Marina Bay Sands, Jacob Ballas Children's Garden, Jurong Bird Park and Skyline Luge Sentosa.

Virtual Team Building Games are the new things to do for kids! They are a great way to have fun and connect with friends for kids. With these kids activities, kids can have an indoor playground to play anytime, anywhere - even if they're in their own homes! These team building online games not only help kids learn how to work better together, but they also teach them important social skills like empathy and understanding other people's perspectives. That being said, parents in Singapore with kids may not be aware of the variety of kid-friendly activities available for Singapore kids. To help you, we have leveraged our expertise as one of Singapore's leading virtual activity providers to compile a list of Kids Thing to Do - virtual team building ideas - for their next birthday party or school bonding activity! Check out our activities here:

1) Virtual Art Jamming

kids things to do

Looking for the best creative kids activities? Art Jamming is a relaxing, soothing and fulfilling activity suitable for kids in Singapore. Through Art Jamming, your kids will have a fun time with virtual team building and being creative with their friends. They can also learn how to be creative and feel proud of themselves for creating something new! As all materials are delivered right to your doorstep, your kid will be able to enjoy this activity without having to get out of his/her comfort zone. Choose this family friendly Art Jamming as your next Kids Things to Do today!

2) Virtual Clay Workshop

kids things to do

One of the fun things that kids love is making their own clay figurines! With our Virtual Clay Workshop, kids in Singapore will learn how to make their very own clay figurine or charms. We provide high-quality light and versatile air dry clay that is toxic-free and safe for kids! Professional instructors will be present to guide the kids through the live workshop. Your children will get to learn basic concepts such as colour mixing, basic shapes and important tips in handling and moulding clay. So choose these virtual team bonding activities for your Kids Things to Do and have your kids design their very own figurine! This also makes for great family fun!

3) Virtual Escape Room

kids things to do

Struggling to plan your child's birthday party this year? The Fun Empire's Virtual Escape Room experience is perfectly suited to sparking that Sherlock Holmes flair in your kids. The Virtual Escape Room is a great alternative to traditional team building games and is both challenging and fun for virtual team games. Suitable for kids of 7 years old and up, they can play with as many friends as they want! Not to mention, the exciting storylines will satisfy kids who are adrenaline junkies as well!

4) Virtual Food Quest

kids things to do

Imagine bringing your kid to an international food market. You have 1 hour to look at foods from all over the world. In the Virtual Food Quest, a delicious Kids Things To Do, your kids can go on a learning adventure and understand these delicious food dishes or items without actually getting out of their couch! There will be 10 stages, each representing a country, to teach them about pizzas, french desserts and more. This activity can even be fun for the whole family!

5) Virtual Game Show

kids things to do

Running out of virtual team building activities to try? Immerse yourself in an engaging environment, working together with teammates to solve the puzzle. Guess letters and form words to get as much money for your team! Experience all the excitement of a game show from the comfort of your home with our Virtual Game Show experience! All you need to do is have a laptop or desktop computer with stable Wi-Fi.

6) Virtual Party Mania

Party Mania is a collection of popular party games suitable for all types of occasions and all ages! Come and plan your kids' birthday party that will be filled with laughter and entertaining online games for teams. Our Virtual Party Mania experience is guaranteed to provide fun and laughter and can be customised to your kid's liking as the games can be changed. To make things even more spectacular, the winner of the Virtual Party Mania will get a prize delivered straight to his or her doorstep!

7) Virtual Terrarium Workshop

kids things to do

Is your kid an avid plant lover? Even if not, the Terrarium Workshop will teach your kid about nurturing and caring for life. With terrariums needing lesser care than usual plants, the end products will be suitable even for kids who may not have the longest attention span. Fully facilitated by certified trainers, the Virtual Terrarium Workshop will guide kids through how to make the terrarium and teach them facts about plants and the ecosystem. All materials are included and your kids in Singapore will also receive a cute figurine to complete the look!

8) Online Monopoly

The game of Monopoly is a universal favourite and one of the many online team building games free. So, it shouldn't surprise you that this is one of the most popular digital team building activities. Kids will love playing this game as they try to hoard all the materials they can! In order to win, kids need to buy as many properties as possible and make sure other players do not have any chance of getting them. Kids can also create different rules which will allow them to change the gameplay if they are bored. This is definitely one of the best kids activities even adults should try!

Kids Things to Do

Kids in Singapore will love these 8 Kids Thing To Do so make sure to book any of these online team games. Apart from taking your kids to Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore Zoo, Universal Studios Singapore or Gardens By The Bay, these Virtual activities might just be just the thing to help your child make new friends or connect with their schoolmates for a bonding activity at home or in the classroom! With Virtual Team Building Games/Activities like Escape Room and Clay Workshop, it’s never been easier for families in Singapore with kids to plan an event that is suitable for all ages. If you have any questions about which of our Kids Things To Do would best suit your needs, feel free to contact us today!

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