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5 Exciting Virtual Activities That Are Great Inductions For New Employees

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Virtual Team Building games are a fantastic method to bring together people who might otherwise not have the opportunity to interact. Virtual team games, such as a Virtual Escape Room, have advanced to the point where they provide an immersive experience for each group. Team building activities are also a great exercise and an excellent medium for bonding and interactions. In this blog article, we will suggest 5 Exciting Virtual Activities That Are Great Inductions For New Employees to create an interactive and welcoming environment for you and your colleagues. We hope this will motivate you to host a Virtual Team Building Singapore experience.

1. Virtual Party Mania

If you love hosting parties, this team-building game will bring that very atmosphere and vibe to you and your team!

You'll be exposed to many engaging games like Ring Toss, Word Search, and Memory in Party Mania. Traditional party games which are appealing to everyone of all ages are available in this game mode. What makes this game more attractive is the fact that the winner will get a special present. You'll definitely have a lot of joy and laughter with Party Mania.

2. Time's Ticking

The Fun Empire's "Time's Ticking" Escape Room theme is intended to give a multi-player escape room for people looking for a difficult yet entertaining experience.

Your team must prevent a group of terrorists from detonating an explosive bomb before it's too late in this virtual escape room. In our online team-building game, collaborate to break some vaults! This internet escape room was made by gaming specialists at the company to foster camaraderie and trust among you and your coworkers!

3. Virtual Food Quest

The Virtual Food Quest is a game for foodies that will leave you hungry. It's not for the faint-of-heart, but it's definitely worth playing if you enjoy cooking. The Virtual Food Quest is a game for foodies that will leave you hungry.

In this game, you'll learn about various cultures' cuisine while progressing your way through a culinary rollercoaster. Throughout the game, there will be engaging quizzes and riddles for your team to solve. You must also collect as many secret herbs and spices as feasible before determining which ultimate dish they belong to.

4. Virtual Nightfall

In this version of Werewolf, Inventive Nightfall is an interactive virtual team-building game. Players are assigned roles such as civilian or werewolf, and must utilize their acting and insight to triumph. The hunters must find out who the werewolves are by killing someone in secret at night during the game to conceal their real identity. This will be a terrific online teambuilding exercise for you and your teammates, with our facilitators' assistance.

5. Virtual Escape Room

The most popular online virtual team-building games are our Virtual Escape Rooms. In our Virtual Escape Room, players must solve puzzles and complete goals as part of a team. For added participation, your team may be split into several smaller groups for some added rivalry; this will make it more competitive for everyone involved. Our experienced team will be available at any time to assist you and your colleagues. This is a fantastic method to get your remote employees involved virtually!


We've come to the end of this blog; we hope that the information provided here will be beneficial to you in selecting some awesome virtual team-building activities for your induction and we hope it serves as a warm welcome for new employees.

If you are interested in trying some Virtual Team Building games like a Virtual Escape Room, do get into contact with us. We would be proud to give you the best Virtual Team Building Singapore experience!

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