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The 10 Best Game Ice Breaking for Virtual Teams

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Game Ice Breaking

Running a virtual team can be tough. You are not always able to meet in person and have the camaraderie that comes with it. But there is still hope for your team! Game ice breaking is an excellent way to get people talking, laughing, interacting, and building connections. Hence, we have gathered a list of The 10 Best Ice Breaking Games for Virtual Teams! These quick ice breakers for meetings work well as virtual team building games too.

But before you continue to read this article, do check out some of our fun team building activities that are also great ice breaker ideas!

1. Virtual Game Show

Game Ice Breaking: virtual game show
The Fun Empire

Do you like competitive ice breaker trivia games with your colleagues? This simple ice breaker game can be done almost anywhere, from an office boardroom to a conference room and even a restaurant. Each team member can expect a fun virtual team bonding activity with lots of laughter, cheering, and virtual high-fives. Overall, The Virtual Game Show is an affordable option if you’re looking for an icebreaker game that is interactive and competitive as well.

2. Virtual Nightfall

Game Ice Breaking: virtual nightfall
The Fun Empire

Looking for icebreaker games for work? To create a relaxed environment for people employed in a virtual office, try playing Virtual Nightfall. It is one of the best online games for quick team icebreakers and getting to know one another better with its dark fictional plot.

This game is adapted from the popular board game, Murderer. It's a fun way to test your wit and communication skills while playing with virtual teams. Each player starts with a character that has different attributes: killer, detective or superhero. Good vs evil, who will win? This is one of the best ice breaker games available online!

3. Virtual Amazing Race

Game Ice Breaking: virtual amazing race
The Fun Empire

The best part about traveling all around the world is that it doesn't end with just one country. Compete against your colleagues, racing to see who can visit faraway places in a short period of time! But don't worry if you're feeling competitive - teams are picked by random draw, so get ready to race to be on top of the leaderboard! Since the team is formed randomly and you have to solve the puzzles together to complete the race, this online team game can be a fun icebreakers for meetings as well!

4. Virtual Escape Room

Game Ice Breaking: virtual escape room
The Fun Empire

Virtual Escape Room is one of the best ice breakers for virtual meetings available, and you can play it with your friends or colleagues from a remote place! The object of this virtual ice breaker team game is to crack codes, solve mind puzzles and find hidden clues in order to get out before time runs out. To make an escape room game ice breaking even more fun, we have made it a duration of 60 minutes.

The session is also facilitated by certified trainers to deliver a memorable experience for you and your team. Our escape room experience is the perfect icebreaker game for large remote teams participating from different countries. So try this out for yourself and your team members while working from home!

5. Virtual Time Travel

Game Ice Breaking: Virtual time travel
The Fun Empire

Introducing the world's first Virtual Time Travel experience, for those who have ever been curious about its possibility! Solve puzzles with your team members in different times and zones to win the mission at an uncharted time.

This team building icebreakers is highly entertaining and thoroughly engaging. You only need two people to start the challenge, but there's no limit on how many employees can play with you! It is also great for game ice breaking and you might want to consider this for your next corporate event!

6. Virtual Gold Heist

Game Ice Breaking: virtual gold heist
The Fun Empire

Pull off virtual heist with your team! Your team has found a bank blueprint complete with notes on how to crack vaults, fill up loot bags and escape before the police catch you. Each vault becomes harder to crack as you progress so are you ready for this challenge? This is one of the best virtual ice breakers activities that you should consider for your next event!

7. Virtual Food Quest

Game Ice Breaking: Virtual Food Quest
The Fun Empire

For some food adventurers, cooking is more than just a favourite hobby. If you’re an expert on all things culinary, try the Virtual Food Quest by The Fun Empire! Join other foodies as you test your knowledge and enjoy this epic ice breaker adventure. Find out which team member has the best knowledge of food!

Participate in food-related challenges together with your friends, family and colleagues! Each challenge revolves around different types of cuisine, making it fun to learn about the different tastes. You might even find yourself wanting more after this fun icebreakers.

8. Start with a song

Game Ice Breaking: start with a song
Image Credit:

Game ice breaking is often a key component of virtual team building games, but they can also be used to help people get to know one another in a relaxed setting. Start with a Song is one of the best virtual ice breakers games that play well in any conference room or online meeting environment where music might not be acceptable due to copyright restrictions or other reasons. It starts with everyone naming their favourite song - singing it or just saying the lyrics. Then moving on to sharing what they would change about that song if they could. Gameplay continues until either there are no more songs remaining in rotation or until time runs out.

9. 2 truths and 1 lie

Game Ice Breaking: 2 truths and a lie
Image Credit:

2 truths and a lie is one of the most popular icebreaker games that requires no preparation or equipment. Gameplay starts with one player choosing an object and telling two truths about it while hiding the third so that it’s guessable later. While they share, everyone guesses which of their statements are lies - this means players can engage in thought-provoking discussion and advance to finding solutions for any barriers between them. This ice breaking game for meetings can genuinely allow you to learn more about others while building relationships.

10. Pictionary

Game Ice Breaking: pictionary
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Pictionary is another easy win, and fun ice breaker game online for players of all ages. Using Zoom's whiteboard function, which you can access when you click share screen, you can draw out objects, movies, TV shows and books out to your heart's content. Just make sure you give your fellow players a time limit, or you could be there all day watching them create digital art before your eyes. Ideas generators, such as the Game Gal's, also work well here.

Game Ice Breaking

One word to describe the icebreaker games above: Fun! Game ice breaking is an essential part of team building and your company’s culture. Gameplay can be a fun way to get people talking, but it also helps them learn about one another by asking questions that help break the ice. Game Ice Breaking offers some great examples of games you might want to consider for your next event or meeting in order to make it more engaging and memorable . If you're looking for meeting games that can also be ice breaker games, we've got plenty! You may wish to find out more information here.

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