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17 Best Escape Room Themes In Singapore (2021)

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Escape Room Themes In Singapore

Escape Room from CloudFront

Looking for an adventure but too spoiled for choice? Nearly all escape rooms are deliberately assembled to exude a common theme. This allows participants to immerse themselves in the game and escape reality temporarily.

From crime investigations to magical fantasies, The Fun Empire’s escape rooms are intricately crafted by designers who have won various local and international game designer tournaments. With both physical and virtual escape rooms available, The Fun Empire offers a variety of escape room themes to satisfy anyone's needs.

With the plethora of themes available, choosing an escape room theme to try can be difficult, but fret not! We have prepared a list of the 17 Best Escape Room Themes in Singapore to help you with your decision.

1. Vigilante / Spy 

Ben's Big Heist
Escape Room Theme - Vigilante / Spy

Apart from having to escape (duh!), rooms with espionage scenarios require participants to infiltrate a high-security base and steal something valuable. Unlike the basic escape room, you will get to slip into the role of an outlaw and “break the law” for 60 minutes and try not to get caught. If you’re looking to try out such “rebellious” fun, The Fun Empire offers Ben’s Big Heist to fulfil your Money Heist fantasies. Using only a blueprint that is lightly scribbled with notes, you and your team will have to break into a bank and steal as much gold as possible. With limited time on hand, strategise the number of vaults you want to loot, and don’t forget to make your escape before the police arrive! 

2. Murder Mystery

Image from Google

The most common theme adopted by escape rooms is “mystery” as it caters to the inquisitive minds of most people. A murder mystery typically asks the participants to play detective and look for clues in various locations like the crime scene and the victim’s house. The main task would be to apprehend the perpetrator before s/he escapes or turn you into the next victim. Remember to put on your thinking cap and beware of fake pieces of evidence or incomplete witness statements that might throw you off your tracks.

3. Food Quest

Virtual Food Quest - Team Building Activities
Escape Room Theme - Virtual Food Quest

Are you the typical foodie who’s interested in nothing but food? This is just the theme for you! Exclusively at The Fun Empire, get your appetite rolling as you work through puzzles featuring food from all around the world. Learn and explore different cuisines at the comfort of your own home and be guaranteed a time of fun and laughter. Already salivating with excitement? Book now and be the next Top Master Foodie!

4. Missing Person Hunt

Another variation of detective play: looking for a missing person. The missing person can be someone dear to you, or a total stranger, and you will have to follow tightly after an abductor’s trails. As the kidnapper goes off for lunch, you have no longer than one hour to save the damsel in distress before the abductor escapes beyond your reach.

5. Horror / Thriller

Image from Social Pakora

Just when you think that being trapped in a room is scary enough, get ready for escape rooms that send shivers down your spine. Developed for the more courageous community - horror-themed escape rooms are the perfect alternative to haunted houses - except this time, there is no confirmed escape. Some rooms may even add "scare-actors" to enhance the scare factor. Pair that with eerie music and participants are in for a hell of a ride! Be sure to choose a room with a comfortable level of thrill, or play with friends that can protect you when in need.

6. Fantasy 

Not a fan of horror? Immerse yourself in an enchanted forest, a floating castle, or a superhuman institute, and be prepared for a game that could possibly defy logic. Get to be a wizard (or a witch) for a day and hold your wands with confidence as you solve puzzles to escape the clutches of your unhuman enemies. Designed for anyone interested in fictitious beings or myths, these rooms have countless possibilities and teleports participants into an imaginary space for an out-of-the-world experience. 

7. Fairytales

Be it the original or a twisted/dark version, escape rooms are sometimes modelled after childhood fairytales, like “Alice in the Wonderland” and “Hansel & Gretel”, as they are familiar and reminiscent. These escape rooms are popular among people of all ages; they get children excited about interacting with cute characters and get adults delighted about reliving their childhood memories.

8. Time Travel

Image from Joe Roberts

Is time travel just a theory? With escape rooms, everything is possible! Get ready for an adventure unrestricted by the limits of time as you transcend eras to find the answers you have been chasing. Stop waiting and try out Time Travel: The Experiment brought to you by The Fun Empire to prove your worth in inheriting the time travel machine invented by your eccentric uncle. Time is literally of the essence so book it now!

9. Movie 

Always wished that you could be part of a movie? Movies can leave a lasting impression on viewers and convert them into hardcore fans of the characters and/or the storyline. Movie-themed escape rooms serve as a great opportunity for participants to live in the shoes of their favourite character or experience their favourite movie scene. Certain escape rooms even have costumes for participants to dress up in for a complete experience.

10. Anime 

These escape rooms are similar to movie-themed escape rooms, and are based on Japanese animations. As animes gained recognition across the globe, escape rooms are catching up with the hype. Since animes span across a range of genres, anime-themed escape rooms are diverse in possibilities. It also allows participants to have a close look at the author’s artworks and dive deeper into existing or new storylines.

11. Amnesia / Memory Loss

Jack's Hangover
Escape Room Theme - Amnesia / Memory Loss

Can’t remember what you ate for lunch? Have a feel of true amnesia as you figure out what happened to a protagonist that has no recollection of how they ended up in their current situation. Either help out someone with lost memory or discover the mystery behind your own amnesia. If you want to explore this theme, try out Jack’s Hangover by The Fun Empire and help the protagonist recover his memories. Having woken up with a terrible hangover and a splitting headache, Jack can’t seem to recall the events of last night. Work together with your team members to investigate where Jack had been, but don’t forget to arrange for his flight that is to come! 

12. Zombie Apocalypse 

Image from Google

A theme that gained popularity when dramas and movies such as World War Z, The Walking Dead, and Train to Busan featured its possibility. As news about a new virus outbreak appeared on every channel, figure your way to safety before the undead catches up to you. You may need to climb over walls or crawl under fenced facilities to avoid the swarms of zombies!

13. Science / Lab

As the leading global vaccine laboratory, our company has just developed a vaccine that will save the world from the pandemic. However, a research assistant from our rival company, Biosis Laboratory, has infiltrated our laboratory and stolen our vaccine in a recent attempt to disrupt our business. Meant to be shipped to Country U tonight, we need to find the vaccines back urgently!

14. Bomb Defusal

Escape Room Theme - Bomb Defusal

The bomb defusal escape room is an extremely efficient team-building game. Participants are compelled to communicate with each other as they race against time to stop the bomb from going off. Certain versions even split the participants into different rooms and they are required to shout across their rooms to share the unique information they hold. This theme is perfect for people who enjoy adrenaline rushes and don’t mind the slightly stressful (but FUN) challenge. The Fun Empire’s Time’s Ticking escape room is one that incorporates this theme. Trapping the participants in a room with a bomb, they have to figure out how to diffuse the bomb in time to capture the terrorist.

15. Prison Break

This storyline often involves portraying you as someone who was wrongfully sentenced for a crime you didn’t commit. In order to seek justice for yourself, you have no choice but to break out of prison or risk never seeing your family again. Being locked in a facility with high security means that you have limited time to escape, just 60 minutes when the security guards are swapping shifts. Pick up clues from the previous inmate(s) that broke out, as you avoid CCTV cameras and the wardens along the way.

16. Video Games / Virtual Reality

Can’t get enough of fighting the monsters on your computer screen? What if you had an opportunity to be physically in a video game? Shut out the rest of the world using virtual reality and jump into your video game to enjoy a private space of fun. Just remember to return to reality after you are done slaying the demons!

17. Amazing Race 

Escape Room Theme - Amazing Race

Travel the world and complete puzzles as you race against time, or better, against other players for the prize money. This theme challenges both the mind and body as you run from station to station to unravel puzzles before the others. If you don’t think that you can travel the world due to the pandemic, you are wrong! Pack your virtual bags and proceed to the starting line because virtual amazing races are now available for your team-building needs. Try now at The Fun Empire as we bring to you Rescue the Queen: Amazing Race Around the World. Answer the old man that haunts you in your dreams and search the globe to lift the curse that has befallen the lives of millions.

Escape Room Themes In Singapore

So after reading all about the 17 Best Escape Room Themes In Singapore, do you know which escape room themes you want to try? Even though escape rooms can be challenging, they are extremely engaging and serves as effective team-building activities that create lots of fun and laughter. If you think that escape rooms might not be of you or your team's interests, read the following articles to get some inspiration for your next gathering!

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