Virtual Team Building Singapore
Virtual Team Building Singapore

Team Building For Companies

The quality of a business's work environment significantly affects the satisfaction and effectiveness of its employees. Today's workforce is no longer merely contained to one physical location or confined to an 8 hour day; rather they are globally distributed and connected 24 hours a day. This new style of work requires businesses to rethink their approach in order to remain competitive with other organisations who have taken advantage of these changes. There are many different options that can be used in order to create a collaborative workplace with remote employees such as video conferencing, team-building exercises and virtual office space.

Here we have gathered a few benefits of team building for companies as well as some virtual team building activities that you can consider for your next corporate event.

Benefits of Team Building For Corporate

Many team building activities have been designed specifically for virtual teams. Continue reading to check out a few benefits of team building exercises and virtual team spaces.

1) Stay connected from the comfort of home

team building for companies - stay connected from the comfort of home
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For team building with remote employees video conferencing is an ideal way to stay connected as a team while having the ability to be in different locations. Video chatting allows people who are not co-located to participate in team meetings or brainstorming sessions from their own location. It can also be used to provide team members updates on the progress of projects or share expertise.

2) Learn about your colleagues and build collaboration

team building for companies - learn about others and build collaboration
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Virtual team building activities are perfect for team building because they allow team members to work together without the need of being in one location. It is also a great way to get team members who do not often communicate on video conferencing into an online environment where they can interact with each other more and share ideas or knowledge. This allows employees who are not often in the same team to learn about each team's progress and brainstorm together.

3) Increase productivity

team building for companies - increase productivity
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By implementing virtual team building activities, companies are able to increase productivity among employees while still benefiting from a collaborative work environment with remote team members. They can also use video conferencing or other online tools as an alternate way of communicating with those who may be team members but do not work in the same team.

Virtual Team Building Activities

The listed virtual team building activities are popular and fun! They are specially designed and tested out by The Fun Empire's team of experts. We are one of the best team building event planner in the market and have hosted various events for over 1 million clients.

4) Virtual Amazing Race

team building for companies - virtual amazing race
The Fun Empire

Virtual team building activities are an effective way to keep team members engaged and improve communication between team members. With the rise of virtual reality games like the amazing race, team members can work together virtually without worrying about travel expenses and logistical difficulties. You will now be able to travel around the world from the comfort of your home! Team competitions that require creative thinking and cultural awareness will be a great way for your team to communicate with one another while they compete against other teams.

5) Virtual Escape Room

team building for companies - virtual escape room
The Fun Empire

The key to team building is to encourage team members to work together, dialogue and communicate their opinions. In this team building exercise, team members are trapped in a virtual escape room with a limited amount of time to solve puzzles, find clues and problem-solve. The team that solves the puzzle first wins!

6) Virtual Time Travel

team building for companies - virtual time travel
The Fun Empire

The Fun Empire is proud to present the world's first and only virtual escape room experience! Our in-house game experts have developed a fun, immersive storyline that transcends time. In this virtual team building activity, participants will have to solve challenging puzzles as a team, utilizing cutting-edge technology. Prepare yourself for an amazing adventure unlike anything you've ever experienced before!

With the power to energize remote teams, boost morale and build strong team bonding, our Virtual Time Travel escape room experience is perfect for groups of friends or family as well as colleagues.

7) Virtual Food Quest

team building for companies - virtual food quest
The Fun Empire

Become the top master foodie in through entertaining online challenges that require team work, creativity and communication - all while racing against the clock! Our virtual experience is guaranteed to provide fun for all! Participants will be able to learn and explore various cuisines through a series of interactive and engaging mini games. Ready to cook up a lot of fun? Our Virtual Food Quest is an ideal online team game for you and your friends or colleagues!

8) Virtual Travel Experience

team building for companies - virtual travel experience
The Fun Empire

Embark on an exploration adventure with others in a global virtual platform. The challenges are like quests where you have to complete goals before moving onto the next era's quest, solving the interactive puzzles that come up along the way. There are a variety of innovation aspects including 360° live clues and virtual escape room and virtual amazing race experiences.

This virtual team building game helps to build team cohesion, competition and communication when traditional methods aren't possible.

9) Hybrid Amazing Race

team building for companies - hybrid amazing race
The Fun Empire

We have developed the world’s first hybrid Amazing Race experience combining offline challenges and online elements. This exciting race will take teams around town in search of exciting hotspots, learning more about both our city, its landmarks and customs while bonding physically. If you’ve got a big team that wants adventure mixed with some team bonding, this team building activity is for you!

Team Building For Companies

What team-building activity would be best suited to your team? With virtual team building activities, you'll have the opportunity to engage with team members without having to worry about travel expenses and logistical difficulties. The Fun Empire is one of the world's leading experts in team building events corporate as well as a variety of other services. If you're interested in learning how we can help improve your company by increasing employee morale or boosting productivity, contact us today!

Since you've reached the end, do check out these amazing activities we have for you!

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Team Building

In the year 2021, many teams have experienced a transition to virtual working environments. With remote work becoming common, the coronavirus has reshaped how our teams collaborate and communicate. Though there are many benefits to this way of working like cost-effectiveness and better work-life balance, there are also challenges that come with it. One of those challenges is team building.

Today, we’ll be exploring the benefits that virtual team building can offer to remote teams. Suppose you are a business owner who has felt the impact of fragmented communication during the transition to an alternative work schedule. In that case, a virtual team building activity may invigorate your employees' performance levels. As the leading team building activity provider and events company in the market, we understand the significance and objectives of team building. Let’s take a closer look at why team building is important.

But before you proceed, do check out these awesome team building activities we have!

1) Promotes Collaboration

team building - promotes collaboration
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Without collaboration between team members, a project can’t be effective. With remote employees working separately, it becomes more difficult to align the team and keep them up-to-date with the progress of their project. Communication issues produce major discrepancies in what is shared by each individual member of your company team. Virtual team building can increase team collaboration by providing a platform for your team to share information, discuss ideas or answer questions.

Virtual team building activities are beneficial as they help employees work collaboratively with their coworkers. At The Fun Empire, we offer various virtual team building games. These games are designed to offer team building for employees with a fun way to work together as they solve problems and complete tasks.

One of our top offerings is the Virtual Amazing Race where teams from all over world compete in global race. This teambuilding game encourages participants to grow more extroverted and open-minded as members learn to be more vocal and expressive to reach a shared goal. Additionally, collaboration is promoted through this type of activity as each team member becomes more aware of the other’s strengths and weaknesses. These are valuable practices that are sure to extend to the way your team collaborates in the workplace.

2) Boosts Work Morale

team building - boost work morale
Image Credit:

Team work is a necessity for all businesses across the board. Without functional teams, you would see that deadlines aren't met and quality slips. It's easy to develop burnout and disengagement in your employees when the workload becomes too high, but these feelings among team members can be eased through virtual team building activities such as group discussions, brainstorming sessions, and team challenges.

Virtual team building activities bolster the effectives of your employees by elevating their morale and reminding them how important they are. An atmosphere of happiness is one conducive to productivity, which in turn benefits everyone! Hence, this is a great team building purpose.

3) Increases Productivity

team building - increases productivity
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With the ballooning number of people who work remotely on a team, there’s always a chance that those individuals don't feel like they have what they need to be productive. Virtual team building exercises can make leadership easier by simply helping management communicate company goals in an accessible way.

When your team participates in virtual team building and team bonding activities, everyone has a better sense of what they’re working towards. Employees who feel invested in the success of their company will think about how to achieve that goal on a daily basis. This means that there’s less chance of burnout and more hours being spent producing high-quality work.

4) Encourages Versatility

team building - encourages versatility
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Another great team builder definition is to encourage versatility. With the ever-changing demands of industry, more and more organisations are incorporating flexible workforces to keep up. While this has many advantages, it also presents a unique challenge for those organisations who want to plan team building activities. Virtual team building events offer employees a chance to practice their skills without fear of repercussions while giving them the opportunity to experiment with tasks they wouldn't usually do.

Beyond the typical opportunities for learning at work, your employees won’t have any experiences like this outside of their home office. In this way, virtual team building activities offer such an amazing team building rationale, one of which is the skill-building your employees will not experience in their jobs.

5) Supports Greater Innovation

team building - supports greater innovation
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The last interesting benefit of virtual team building/team building meaning is that it supports greater innovation. In competitive industries, innovation is critical for creating a competitive advantage that propels your firm to new heights. Virtual team building allows your team members to interact with one another despite physical distance, fostering creativity, brainstorming, and innovation. The activities and games offered by The Fun Empire are carefully designed to consider each team's diverse views, which has resulted in more breakthrough discoveries for our clients than we can count.

Team Building

We hope you've learned about the power of team building and team bonding importance in this article. There are various types of team building that you can opt for be it physical or virtual. However, given the current pandemic situation, it is still best to stay at home. Hence, our virtual team building for employees is really helpful during this tough period of time. It is an excellent method to keep team members involved, boost morale, and promote team communication. What's the best part? These virtual activities are less expensive than conventional approaches!

Whether you're looking for a virtual escape room with puzzles, a race against other teams or even creative workshops that challenge your imagination and intelligence, we have it all here at The Fun Empire!

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Game Ice Breaking

Running a virtual team can be tough. You are not always able to meet in person and have the camaraderie that comes with it. But there is still hope for your team! Game ice breaking is an excellent way to get people talking, laughing, interacting, and building connections. Hence, we have gathered a list of The 10 Best Ice Breaking Games for Virtual Teams! These quick ice breakers for meetings work well as virtual team building games too.

But before you continue to read this article, do check out some of our fun team building activities that are also great ice breaker ideas!

1. Virtual Game Show

Game Ice Breaking: virtual game show
The Fun Empire

Do you like competitive ice breaker trivia games with your colleagues? This simple ice breaker game can be done almost anywhere, from an office boardroom to a conference room and even a restaurant. Each team member can expect a fun virtual team bonding activity with lots of laughter, cheering, and virtual high-fives. Overall, The Virtual Game Show is an affordable option if you’re looking for an icebreaker game that is interactive and competitive as well.

2. Virtual Nightfall

Game Ice Breaking: virtual nightfall
The Fun Empire

Looking for icebreaker games for work? To create a relaxed environment for people employed in a virtual office, try playing Virtual Nightfall. It is one of the best online games for quick team icebreakers and getting to know one another better with its dark fictional plot.

This game is adapted from the popular board game, Murderer. It's a fun way to test your wit and communication skills while playing with virtual teams. Each player starts with a character that has different attributes: killer, detective or superhero. Good vs evil, who will win? This is one of the best ice breaker games available online!

3. Virtual Amazing Race

Game Ice Breaking: virtual amazing race
The Fun Empire

The best part about traveling all around the world is that it doesn't end with just one country. Compete against your colleagues, racing to see who can visit faraway places in a short period of time! But don't worry if you're feeling competitive - teams are picked by random draw, so get ready to race to be on top of the leaderboard! Since the team is formed randomly and you have to solve the puzzles together to complete the race, this online team game can be a fun icebreakers for meetings as well!

4. Virtual Escape Room

Game Ice Breaking: virtual escape room
The Fun Empire

Virtual Escape Room is one of the best ice breakers for virtual meetings available, and you can play it with your friends or colleagues from a remote place! The object of this virtual ice breaker team game is to crack codes, solve mind puzzles and find hidden clues in order to get out before time runs out. To make an escape room game ice breaking even more fun, we have made it a duration of 60 minutes.

The session is also facilitated by certified trainers to deliver a memorable experience for you and your team. Our escape room experience is the perfect icebreaker game for large remote teams participating from different countries. So try this out for yourself and your team members while working from home!

5. Virtual Time Travel

Game Ice Breaking: Virtual time travel
The Fun Empire

Introducing the world's first Virtual Time Travel experience, for those who have ever been curious about its possibility! Solve puzzles with your team members in different times and zones to win the mission at an uncharted time.

This team building icebreakers is highly entertaining and thoroughly engaging. You only need two people to start the challenge, but there's no limit on how many employees can play with you! It is also great for game ice breaking and you might want to consider this for your next corporate event!

6. Virtual Gold Heist

Game Ice Breaking: virtual gold heist
The Fun Empire

Pull off virtual heist with your team! Your team has found a bank blueprint complete with notes on how to crack vaults, fill up loot bags and escape before the police catch you. Each vault becomes harder to crack as you progress so are you ready for this challenge? This is one of the best virtual ice breakers activities that you should consider for your next event!

7. Virtual Food Quest

Game Ice Breaking: Virtual Food Quest
The Fun Empire

For some food adventurers, cooking is more than just a favourite hobby. If you’re an expert on all things culinary, try the Virtual Food Quest by The Fun Empire! Join other foodies as you test your knowledge and enjoy this epic ice breaker adventure. Find out which team member has the best knowledge of food!

Participate in food-related challenges together with your friends, family and colleagues! Each challenge revolves around different types of cuisine, making it fun to learn about the different tastes. You might even find yourself wanting more after this fun icebreakers.

8. Start with a song

Game Ice Breaking: start with a song
Image Credit:

Game ice breaking is often a key component of virtual team building games, but they can also be used to help people get to know one another in a relaxed setting. Start with a Song is one of the best virtual ice breakers games that play well in any conference room or online meeting environment where music might not be acceptable due to copyright restrictions or other reasons. It starts with everyone naming their favourite song - singing it or just saying the lyrics. Then moving on to sharing what they would change about that song if they could. Gameplay continues until either there are no more songs remaining in rotation or until time runs out.

9. 2 truths and 1 lie

Game Ice Breaking: 2 truths and a lie
Image Credit:

2 truths and a lie is one of the most popular icebreaker games that requires no preparation or equipment. Gameplay starts with one player choosing an object and telling two truths about it while hiding the third so that it’s guessable later. While they share, everyone guesses which of their statements are lies - this means players can engage in thought-provoking discussion and advance to finding solutions for any barriers between them. This ice breaking game for meetings can genuinely allow you to learn more about others while building relationships.

10. Pictionary

Game Ice Breaking: pictionary
Image Credit:

Pictionary is another easy win, and fun ice breaker game online for players of all ages. Using Zoom's whiteboard function, which you can access when you click share screen, you can draw out objects, movies, TV shows and books out to your heart's content. Just make sure you give your fellow players a time limit, or you could be there all day watching them create digital art before your eyes. Ideas generators, such as the Game Gal's, also work well here.

Game Ice Breaking

One word to describe the icebreaker games above: Fun! Game ice breaking is an essential part of team building and your company’s culture. Gameplay can be a fun way to get people talking, but it also helps them learn about one another by asking questions that help break the ice. Game Ice Breaking offers some great examples of games you might want to consider for your next event or meeting in order to make it more engaging and memorable . If you're looking for meeting games that can also be ice breaker games, we've got plenty! You may wish to find out more information here.

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Year End Party Themes

The year is coming to a close soon again and we're all looking for some year end party themes to get our teams fired up!

That's why I'm here to provide you with 20 fun virtual team building ideas for year end party themes. You'll find a mix of virtual team building activities that are perfect for any size group, no matter what your budget is. From werewolves to a murder mystery and more, these christmas party theme ideas will not only bring out the best in your team but also keep them engaged and on their toes for hours of enjoyment!

But before we delve into further, let's check out some of these amazing physical team bonding games by The Fun Empire:

1. Virtual Escape Room (Curse of the Werewolf)

Year End Party Themes: virtual escape room
The Fun Empire

A virtual escape room is a great christmas party theme idea in which players have to work with their team via online platforms such as Zoom to solve puzzles and lift the curse. In this activity, a frightful pack of wolves crept into the village. They attacked several of the inhabitants and killed many others. The town has never been peaceful since that day. People were scared of everything, including darkness, attacks and the unknown. Hence, work together as a team to fix your village is the only way to overcome those fears!

It's important for teams to have all of their wits about them as they work through various challenges without touching anything physically, but there is cooperation required between every member of your team if you want to progress without getting stumped for good.

2. Virtual Amazing Race

Year End Party Themes: Virtual Amazing Race
The Fun Empire

Teamwork makes the virtual world go round, so why not take advantage of a group's skills to compete in a fun and exhilarating amazing race around the globe? In this activity, every scout gets an opportunity to showcase his or her talents-whether it be mapping skills or finding clues-as part of a whole "family." It will test problem-solving abilities, critical thinking abilities, and teamwork in order to make for one of the most exciting christmas party theme ideas. Also, this activity is a great way to teach your team the importance of cooperation while also breaking up their day with an amazing adventure theme party!

3. Virtual Ben's Big Heist

Year End Party Themes: virtual gold heist
The Fun Empire

The Fun Empire has a round up of the most fun and immersive zoom party ideas available for your year end party theme. Our top pick is "Virtual Gold Heist" where your team will have to plan out a heist at our pretend bank full of gold bars. Break into vaults filled with locks, traps, puzzles, and security systems and steal as much treasure as you can!

This is one of the best party theme ideas for getting your team to work together on complex problems. It also has an element of risk, which will put the pressure on each and every member of your group. If they don't get it right, all could be lost in this heist themed event and no one wants that!

4. Virtual Jack's Hangover

Year End Party Themes: virtual jack's hangover
The Fun Empire

Experience the feel of amnesia as you figure out what happened––you’ll have no recollection of last night. Try out Jack’s Hangover and help the protagonist recover his memories. Having woken up with terrible hangover and a splitting headache, it seems like Jack has lost some memory too. Investigate where he had been, what he had done, and see if you can help him piece together the clues.

This virtual team game is one of the most interesting party theme ideas to get your team interacting with each other in an immersive setting that will be different for everybody!

5. Virtual Time's Ticking

Year End Party Themes: virtual time's ticking
The Fun Empire

Looking for exciting party theme ideas? Immerse your team into the world of bomb defusal. If you are looking for a team building activity that will test everyone's skills, this could be perfect for an end of year office party! The police have just received a phone call from someone threatening to blow up the city. It’s up to you and your team to stop the countdown. Work together with your teammates to carry out this mission! You don’t have a lot of time, and many lives are in YOUR hands.

6. Virtual Time Travel

Year End Party Themes: virtual time travel
The Fun Empire

Given the virtual team bonding activity's "End Game" theme, one of the most unique party theme ideas is challenging players to follow in the footsteps of their uncle who left on a quest for his scientific discovery. You will track down historical items, and activate containers that have been hidden across different time zones, while improving communication with fellow teammates as you try to compete successfully en route. This christmas office theme party game is a great way to learn about history and time periods in which you might not have learned before.

7. Virtual Travel Experience

Year End Party Themes: virtual travel experience
The Fun Empire

With a mixture of 360 degree live clues, Virtual Escape Room and Virtual Amazing Race, you and your friends will never be bored of this team building online game. In this activity, you will also learn more about Singapore's history. With the whole Singapore themed event experience demanding communication skills, strategy and teamwork on behalf of your team to succeed, it is one of the most excellent corporate events party theme ideas.

8. Virtual Food Quest

Year End Party Themes: virtual food quest
The Fun Empire

If you love to try new foods, then this is the perfect virtual team building game for you! At The Fun Empire, engage your appetite as it takes puzzles from around the world with dishes fit for any cuisine. From traditional Chinese take out to a party platter of thai food; indulge yourself in these tasty tasks in the comfort and safety of your own home!

This year-end party theme will give you an excuse for your team to indulge in new tastes without having to leave your hometowns. Invite them over for this delicious adventure, and make it a year end party the whole family can enjoy.

9. Virtual Game Show

Year End Party Themes: virtual game show
The Fun Empire

One of the most fun party theme ideas ever! Interested in playing along with game show classics such as Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud, and The Price is Right? With this online game for teams, you can now take part in a private game show with your colleagues. Our professional facilitator will be there throughout the session to lead you and your team through an enjoyable bonding experience. Take advantage of this year end party theme and get the whole team together to have some fun!

10. Virtual Nightfall

Year End Party Themes: virtual nightfall
The Fun Empire

Virtual Nightfall is a virtual team building adventure revolving around a murder mystery where you’ll learn about different sides of your colleagues! Often, the person who goes unnoticed at the office is often found to be the most cunning. Investigate with an immersion into intrigue and mystery and be extremely observant, otherwise you might be tricked by your peers. A murder mystery themed event is always one of the most exciting party theme ideas.

11. Virtual Party Mania

Year End Party Themes: virtual party mania
The Fun Empire

As its name suggests, Party Mania is one of the most fun party theme ideas! The best way to defeat the time-zone challenge and enjoy a christmas office party is through video conferencing. Join in on these specially devised games by seasoned facilitators, that are designed to build informal bonds between team members and foster conversational skills at a distance! With a series of fun and hilarious mini party games, the winner of the activities will be awarded with a prize delivered to your doorstep!

12. Virtual Art Jamming Workshop

Year End Party Themes: virtual art jamming
The Fun Empire

Art Jamming is a virtual, drawing and painting workshop where you can do it at your home or office. Here, instead of attending the physical class in person, you'll get the materials delivered to your doorstep which encourages creativity and self-expression. You may even work with your team to come up with a combined big picture and share a story from the master art piece!

13. Virtual Terrarium Workshop

Year End Party Themes: virtual terrarium workshop
The Fun Empire

Build your own ecosystem with our succulent terrarium workshop. This team building activity is led by a certified trainer who will teach you how to make your very own little garden. The workshop includes materials and figurines so that the result looks just like a living room-worthy terrarium! Get this popular virtual team building game now before it's too late!

14. Virtual Leather Workshop

Year End Party Themes: virtual leather workshop
The Fun Empire

Leather crafting is a craft of turning leather into objects or art. This workshop is especially suitable for people who prefer hands-on team building activities. If you're up for our popular leather crafting workshops, we deliver home kits to participants before the start of all team building activities so everyone can try their hand at it. Book this year-end party theme now!

15. Virtual Clay Making Workshop

Year End Party Themes: virtual clay making workshop
The Fun Empire

No formal team building activity is complete without the group making an object to symbolize collective effort. In this workshop, attendees will learn how to create their own clay charms or figurines that can be used for display or as a token of appreciation for others. The participants will use air dry clay that is safe for kids and does not require baking. This year end party theme is perfect for school age youth groups, families or after hours parties!

16. Virtual Candle Making Workshop

Year End Party Themes: virtual candle making workshop
The Fun Empire

This workshop will teach you how to make your own scented creation - a candle which may be used for decoration, or when stressed. All materials will be provided in a kit provided by our professional facilitators. You'll have plenty of time to chat and know your colleagues as we take you through this virtual team building session!

17. Virtual Cooking Workshop

Year End Party Themes: virtual cooking workshop

This year end party theme is perfect for the foodies in your group! Convert The Fun Empire's physical cooking class to a virtual team building activity and you're in for a treat. The chef will guide you through every step and give you recipes to make your dish. This year-end party theme is perfect for seniors who just want some company, or families with children!

18. Online Team Building Bingo

Year End Party Themes: online team building bingo
Image credit:

A team bingo board game is a fun way to get teams interacting with each other through completing designated tasks, which can be pre-chosen or “call out.” This type of group get together for holiday party themes is easy to set up and offers an interactive, engaging experience that encourages participants both at home and at the office to get involved.

You begin with a bingo board that has a variety of action items or accomplishments. For example, if you hear someone say "sorry, I was on mute!" you can mark that location on your board, and you can do the same for "wearing pajama bottoms to a video meeting."

19. "Can You Hear Me Now"

Year End Party Themes: Can you hear me now game
Image credit:

One of the best online team building games is "Can You Hear Me Now?" You will play this game in a virtual conference room, and one participant is designated as the speaker, while the others are artists. The speaker selects a good image using a random image generator, and the goal is to explain that image in such a way that the artists can effectively draw it.

The only restriction is that the speaker must only use geometric shapes. You may say, for example, "make a huge circle and then three equidistant triangles," but not "write the letter E." Because the instructions are limited, the speaker must use incredibly precise communication skills, and the artists must listen and interpret. This game is a stand-in for efficient internet communication, and it's really fun!

20. Pancakes vs Waffles

Year End Party Themes: Pancakes vs Waffles
Image credit:

Pancakes vs Waffles is a team-based game in which you make decisions as a group. The term alludes to the “either or” decision you're making.

For round one, your team must pick whether the world will keep pancakes or waffles, or whether one will be erased from existence. Anyone can advocate for a preferred option, but the decision must ultimately be made by a majority vote.

After you have eliminated one choice, you add a new competitor. For example, the game may become Waffles vs Pumpkins, then Waffles vs Puppies, Puppies vs Kittens, Kittens vs Romantic Relationships, and so on.

The longer you play, the more passionate the discussion becomes and the more team members share their values. The game rules are beneficial for virtual team building because the first conversation of Pancakes vs Waffles is low stakes and only gradually grows more personal as you progress through the game.

Year End Party Themes

Virtual team building ideas can be a great way to interact with colleagues or clients when you are unable to physically meet them. With year end parties around the corner, we wanted to share 20 year end party themes that will help your business stay connected and engaged this holiday season! If you're looking for fun team building holidays activities, then have no fear - there's something on this list of year end party themes that is guaranteed to work for your group. Start planning some of your favourite theme party events today!

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